Pinkenberg | Inspired Loan Specialists
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180730 Hurdlers in the rain

Pinkenberg is a loan advisory boutique focused on fundamental credit stories. We specialize in deep strategic, operational and financial analysis to enhance lender judgement of a business and improve loan raising opportunities. Pinkenberg works with companies that have ambitious loan raising plans, that operate in a complex environment, or that undergo changes to improve their performance.


The structure and terms of the loan facilities we advise often appear ambitious, but come within reach once the dynamics of a business are truly unlocked to lenders. During the execution of the analysis and the loan raising process, undoubtedly hurdles will be taken. Pinkenberg operates an elaborate set of tools to ensure high quality execution of a financing process, allowing us to concentrate on taking those hurdles together with our clients. In sunlight or changing conditions.

We have developed an eye for the best loan structures in complex environments.

We represent a fresh approach to loan raising, irrespective of market wisdom.

We work with lenders to make changes to loan terms in case of stress or distress.