Pinkenberg | About
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Inspired loan specialists

Those who are free-thinking, unafraid and inspirational often create new ways of working and achieve remarkable goals. Originally their journey is about how their destination is reached, living their passion, inspiring the people they work with. Along the way, their pursuit brings increased skill, and then more dedication and hard work to reach for exceptional results. Causing more excitement!


We created Pinkenberg as we felt that our passion for business analysis and loan structuring should be captured in a true specialist organisation, where we can focus on the essence of lending and spend all our time on it. With the freedom to strike our decisions based on content and client interests.


What we consider to be important in the businesses that we review, we also want to realize at Pinkenberg. Firstly, we seek product distinction. Pinkenberg focuses on advice in special situations. Secondly, we aim for high-standard operating systems and tools. We are building our firm driven by the ambition to establish a loan specialist that is highly technically skilled and delivers superior quality work. We work with thoroughly engineered analysis and transaction tools, based on our transaction experience, on theoretical frameworks and on market practice. Our tool box allows us to cover all relevant aspects of a transaction efficiently and without omission, leaving time to focus on deal solutions and the transaction aspects that make or break a deal. And finally, we are looking for rigorous feedback from borrowers and lenders in each situation in order to improve our service.


With our passion and quest for quality we strive to create loan market winners. We act for borrowers. Lenders benefit simultaneously.