Pinkenberg | Ownership restoration
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Ownership restoration

Drive recklessly and be assured of a total-loss. In times of sunshine and abundance of capital, financing can be arranged at remarkably generous terms. We congratulate those businesses and owners that are able to navigate their aggressive deal through the following storm. If you are less lucky, be warned for reputational damage, volatile lender relationships and loss of shareholder value to lenders.


Even for more responsible borrowers, often the unknown but even the known risks can strike your business with a magnitude you cannot foresee. And setbacks often occur at awkward times, when you did not expect them.¬†Would you be in that situation, Pinkenberg can advise you how to deal properly with your lenders, to create space to restore your precious ownership. From their previous positions, the specialists from Pinkenberg have experienced financial stress as owners, but have also been conscious lender restructurers. They understand a business’ requirements, are able to value owner and management options, and have dealt with multiple lender restructuring approaches.