Pinkenberg | Steep terrain
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Steep terrain

To conquer steep terrain, determination, stamina, wide experience and superior skills are required. Profound terrain analysis must be made to assess the best place and time to go and and identify the risks. Only with the best tools the job can be done. Both the ascend and descend demand outstanding technique.


As dedicated loan specialists keen to strengthen our capability, we developed into steep piste experts. To support our loan assessment process, we deepened our business analyses and developed tools to become more skilled, consistent and complete in it. The increased insights we were getting allowed us to define ground-breaking loan facilities. With the extra comfort on credit quality that we obtained through our analysis, we endorsed loan structures and terms that others did not. From thereon, we became more adept in recognising and exploring challenging credit opportunities that fitted us well.


In every case, it is about truly understanding the risks, as well as recognising the strengths and value of a business. Some of the trips we accomplished: recognising value from superior strategic positions and realising extra leverage thereon; arranging financing for a purchase of a cyclical business down in the cycle; completing expansion financing for a strongly regulated business; providing a financing for a company active in multiple product segments, sales channels, and geographies, by unravelling the key sales and cost drivers; and arranging a financing of a buyout where the key man sold his shareholding and would leave the business.