Pinkenberg | Unfrequented Roads
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There aren’t too many paths that lead to nowhere. It is just that most people choose to travel those that are well known and therefore accepted, rather than going off the beaten path. The clichéd ‘I told you so’ still easily influences one’s choice for the easy option.


Although there are many potential lenders promoting different levels of risk appetite, a borrower regularly perceives that the lending market consists of relatively similar credit views. For more demanding financing requests, a strong driver in the supply of loans is the level of independence between the loan sales person and the institutional decision making body. In a local bank, credit committees may have little time to fully understand the qualities of a business and lean on traditional values. International loan funds maintain travel distance to their client base and local culture. And whereas loans are fully flexible in structure and terms, market standards often limit the best purpose. Additionally, chances of a successful loan raising is associated primarily with a healthy loan market supply, whereas loan markets may easily contradict with opportunities for businesses to grow, change, or acquire, when financing is really needed.


Pinkenberg takes the quality and requirements of a business as the starting point for a loan raising. What kind of financing a business needs or is required for its valuation, it should be capable of obtaining. Pinkenberg has the experience and determination to carefully build a transparent case, and provide potential lenders with the intelligence they need, to become convinced and take an institutional view away from standard credit approaches.